Fundraising for Charities & Organizations Close to Your Heart

Online Fundraiser Opportunity with Saint Nicholas Inspired.

Saint Nicholas Inspired is an online retailer of handmade, fair trade goods.

You do not have to order, pay for or buy any products.  You can make a collection of select items most likely to be of interest to your members.  Saint Nicholas Inspired will create a free advertisement and promote it on our website.  

There will be 3 consecutive days you will pick to run your event for the online gift fundraiser.

A representative from the charity/organization will be asked to contact all members and others to promote the fundraiser online.  You contact all of your members, family, and friends and let them know about the event.  You can also post this on any online social media that you have access to.

25% of the retail sales of the whole product line of gifts during the event will be donated to your charity/organization.  Shipping is not included in this.  Also any random shoppers on the event who purchase items will also go toward your fundraiser donation.  So the more people you get to shop on the site, the larger the donation is to your organization.

At the end of the event a check will be cut.  A representative from your charity/organiaztion will be asked to pose for a picture accepting the check to be used for promotion.

This is a unique opportunity to help charities and organizations raise money online in a fun innovative manor. 


Nicholas Lemus

My Cell:  414 719 6425

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